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When you join the Panthers you will be joining a family with members young to old. The Panthers are one of the longest-running teams in Ireland, tracing our roots back to the Dublin Dragons formed in 2001 all the way to today as the South Dublin Panthers. We are one of the largest clubs in the country with a Senior team, a development squad, a flag football team and for the first time a youth team that will compete in 2019. Few other American Football teams in the land can boast such support

Why the Panthers?

You’ll get the best Coaching.

The Panthers are one of the largest football clubs in Ireland. Our Senior Team boasts 11 coaches with 5 of those having Coached internationally. Permanent Coaches from Ireland and the United States with international ties to the US and Canada. We have hosted Coaches from abroad to work with our athletes last season and in the past.

You’ll play!

Whether it is flag (touch) football, youth football or kitted football, you’ll get the chance to take part in this great sport. If you’ve previously played sport at a high level or have played American Football before our senior team competes in the premier level of football in Ireland, the Shamrock Bowl Conference. Our Development team, for those new to the sport and looking to learn, takes part in the lower conferences in Irish American Football. For those who prefer the non-contact but fast-paced action of Flag Football, the Panthers compete nationally in the Irish Flag Football League. Our youth team for those aged 16-19 will begin training for competition in Summer 2019..

You’ll achieve.

The Panthers is more than just a football team. We view ourselves as a family and our culture is all above striving to help each other achieve great things. We’ve got your back.

Panthers Representing the Ireland U20’s

How do I find out about training sessions?

Find us on Facebook for more information. We create events for all our sessions.

What are the Fees?

Because of our large membership, the Panthers can offer some of the cheapest membership options to play American Football. There are however costs associated with the sport and we do our very best to get everyone who wants to play onto the field. The fees are:

  • League registration: Every player must register with the Irish American Football Association prior to participating in games with the team.
  • Club subscription fee: Pays for equipment, venue hire, training, training aids, regular season home games, game uniforms and a load of other things.
  • The fee for a new player over the age of 18 is €100

What should I bring to my first training session?

You will need to bring:

  • Rugby or football boots
  • Gum-shield

When you arrive for the first time, introduce yourself to one of the coaches. Other players will be happy to help you identify the staff.

I have no prior experience, can I still join the South Dublin Panthers?

Absolutely, we welcome players of all ages and levels of experience. You will have high-quality coaches who will be there to help you develop as a player and take you to the next level.

Do I need my own equipment?

The club has a limited number of helmets and shoulder pads to lend to players each season. However our stock is limited and we strongly suggest that you invest in your own equipment once you decide to continue with the sport for the longer term.  Do ask other players and coaches for suggestions and tips. This is also a good way to try on different brands. All required equipment is available online.

When does the season start and finish?

The season begins in March and ends in August. Pre-season starts in November for new players and an introductory period takes place up until Christmas.

How often and where are the practices?

Practices will be held at Westmanstown Sports and Leisure near Lucan in Dublin. View our Find Us page for directions. Our usual training times are:

Senior Team

Tuesday 20:00-21:00, Wednesday: 20.30-21.30. Sunday: 11.00-13.00

Flag Team

Saturday 11.00-13.00

I want to help out off the field. How can I help?

Please see our Staff section.

Does the South Dublin Panthers pay players or provide other benefits?

No – The South Dublin Panthers are an amateur organisation. We are unable to pay players or provide other benefits.