Flag Football

The South Dublin Panthers

Flag Football

Fast, Fun and Furious – that’s Flag Football. Flag Football is the fastest growing format of the game in Ireland, encompassing schools, colleges, and the community. It is the non-contact version of American Football where tackles are made by pulling off one of two flags worn by all players. Everyone can play regardless of fitness level, experience or gender. Playing Flag Football is an excellent way to exercise and stay in shape. While being an alternative to American Football, you are constantly running, sprinting, tumbling and tossing the ball – all in just one play. No matter at what level you play Flag Football, you are bound to get a workout. Flag Football is the perfect sport for young players who’d like to go on to American Football at an older age and for adult players interested in keeping fit and having fun.

How to score?

The game retains the same principles as the contact game with offensive teams having four attempts (downs) to reach a certain point on the field with the defensive team seeking to halt their progress. If a team succeeds in reaching the end zone they score 6 points and have the option to add a further 1 or 2 points with an extra play. 1 extra point sees the play start 5 yards from the end zone, 2 extra points sees the play start 12 yards from the end zone.

Flag Football with the Panthers

Coach Guillaume Poznanski is our Head Coach of Flag. He oversees training and managing our squad, with training every Saturday at 11 am. Fill out the below form for more information or to get involved in this fast-paced and fast-growing sport. We compete in the Irish American Flag Football League run by the Irish American Football Association. We will be entering the IFFL competition and tournaments in 2017 & 2018 [supsystic-form id=9]]]>